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A Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors


Ramon Kagie through Unsplash

This text was initially printed here.

I had a dream, a really unusual dream about being “peacefully” enslaved by “well-intended” invading individuals who wished to regulate my sexuality for all times. It was all “peaceable” and “family-like” so long as I submitted my physique to their authority, which claimed that intercourse was not available beneath any circumstances as a result of it was any longer forbidden.

The dream was so vivid and so unpleasantly weird that I wakened with a 2019 thoughts, as if the previous a yr and a half have by no means occurred, and I’ve not been bathing within the regularly warming water contained in the pot.

Via the facility of an intensified dream expertise, a complete yr and a half of abuse fell off — and as I seemed round, I felt like I had gone touring, and arrived in a weird sci-fi kingdom of distorted mirrors and individuals who had been poisoned by skilled criminals, with nice cruelty and precision. A kingdom dominated by cold-blooded psychopaths.

Like a fairy story about mendacity villains. As I go searching, I don’t acknowledge this land. What occurred to us? Power-masking little youngsters and depriving their rising brains of oxygen? Forcefully locking outdated individuals inside nursing houses and euthanizing a few of them, in silence, with compete impunity, with zero consideration from the general public?

Chasing after free residents with syringes crammed with a profitable concoction of carcinogenic nanoparticles and artificial mRNA whose long-term results are completely unknown? Silencing revered scientists and medical doctors who dare discuss concerning the alarming knowledge coming in relating to the security of what’s within the syringe? WTF? And don’t give me this “well being emergency” tv narrative. Simply don’t. It’s been a yr and a half, and I’m bored with deflecting bullshit.

It was okay to be terrified a yr and a half in the past — and all of us had been, and all of us complied in various levels, and wore the silly masks, and danced the dance of “two weeks to flatten the curve, and ____.” However now? Go searching. The place is actuality?

The information narrative falls other than the slightest poke. You breathe on it — and it falls aside. There’s virtually nothing true about it. And in case you poke just a little deeper, you uncover with unbelievable disgust there by no means was.

I’m screaming on the within. Now we have been duped!!! Numerous what they did to the elders in nursing houses was homicide, and that homicide was used to scare us much more. Numerous what they did to hospital sufferers was medical mismanagement, a few of which was additionally homicide, and it was used to scare us much more.

The stats had been rigged. The hospitals weren’t overrun any greater than they had been in previous years. The diagnostic assessments — nuance apart — weren’t appropriate to diagnose medical illness — and it was recognized — and but they went proper forward implementing them, to scare us much more.

The profitable trade plans to introduce a number of obligatory grownup injections on an enormous scale predated the “pandemic” — and so did the plans to place everybody on digital IDs to regulate each facet of our lives — and so did the plans to refocus the healthcare on “gene remedy” and “precision medication” — and so did the plans to maneuver schooling on-line as a lot as potential for knowledge seize — and so did many different parts of the wretched transhumanist reform.

Well being response? Actually? We have to cease doing this. We simply have to cease doing this. We simply have to snap out of it. Get up. I like you. Please get up. (Here’s a section of my interview with Mark Crispin Miller from April 2021. It nonetheless stands.)