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CBS Crime Drama ‘The Equalizer:’ Cops Suppose ‘Whiteness Synonymous With Fact’


CBS’s The Equalizer attacked “whiteness” and pushed the racist cop canard this week when it portrayed cops as treating a black lady and white lady unequally.

Within the episode, “Followers,” on Sunday, November 7, candy Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint), a middle-aged black lady, is out purchasing along with her niece Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) when an aggressive middle-aged white lady, Lori (Diana Henry), tries to get her to surrender a gown she is holding. When Vi refuses to be bullied into handing over the gown, Lori assaults her. Vi pushes her again along with her fingers and Lori calls the cops.

When the police arrive, they instantly go over to Lori, the white lady, to listen to her story. “Scuse me. We are the victims right here,” Delilah calls to the officers. An officer talks to Aunt Vi.

Officer: We perceive there was an incident right here a bit earlier. Are you able to inform me what occurred? 

Vi: I picked up this gown. That lady tried to seize it from me.

Officer: Sure, we perceive there was some confusion over a chunk of clothes. 

Vi: I wasn’t confused. 

Officer: I heard it acquired a bit bodily. 

Vi: She was coming at me. I put a hand out to carry her again.

Officer: Look, I do not assume anybody needs an issue right here. I feel what we might use is only a little bit of closure. 

Vi: Are you asking me to apologize? 

Officer: If we will not come to a peaceable decision, we must depend on the statements taken. And if she needs to press issues additional, that is what we’ll must do.

Vi: Effectively, happily, Officer, you will not must depend on the statements. My niece right here acquired the entire thing on video. 

Lori: Simply give me the gown. I stated give it to me.

VI: Get off of me. What’s incorrect with you? Get off of me. (Gasps)

Officer: I see.

Lori: Simply give me the gown. I stated give it to me. 

VI: What’s incorrect with you? Get off of me.

Lori: I am sorry. Okay? Is that adequate? 

Vi: Thanks. 

Officer: Apologize for the misunderstanding. 

Vi: Excuse me, Officer. Do not you need to know if I need to press fees? 

Officer: Do you? 

Vi: No. I’ve no intention of weaponizing the police.

Later that night, Delilah and Vi are within the kitchen speaking to Vi’s sister Robyn (Queen Latifah) when Vi makes a speech about how the officer went to Lori first due to her “whiteness.”

Vi: What I needed was to be presumed harmless. That cop went to that lady and acquired her story first as a result of her whiteness was synonymous with fact. I’m a middle-class black lady, and with out that telephone, I might in all probability be sitting in a jail proper now as a result of I used to be by no means going to apologize to Miss Thang. What I actually needed to do was bitch-slap that heifer. However I could not. 

Delilah: Yeah, I get that. I imply, however… We won’t management how they behave. 

Vi: Delilah Fulton, do not you purchase into that lie. Do not do it. I have been protesting all my life, from sit-ins to George Floyd. Similar combat time and again to be seen, to be heard, to be human. And it hurts. And that damage will get became rage, as a result of rage is… is way simpler to reside with. If we had taken the simple highway at this time and left with out being heard, that is what poisons our spirit. Do not do it, love. Do not buy that lie. Do not let ’em promote you on that. 

Each these scenes feed into two disturbing developments in left-wing tradition — hatred of white ladies and anti-police rhetoric. Anti-police activism led to one of many highest increases in homicide rates on record in modern American history. On the identical time, Hollywood tradition and information media have been usually attacking white women as “complicit” in “white supremacy.”

It started in earnest when white women were blamed for the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Final 12 months, MSNBC introduced on a visitor who claimed, “white ladies have taken an lively position within the upkeep of white supremacy … white ladies weaponize their identities in opposition to, particularly, black males.” After the latest Virginia elections the place Republicans swept into workplace, media voices once more angrily attacked white women. 

This episode may appear comparatively delicate in comparison with a number of the extra excessive BLM shows of last year, but it surely nonetheless displays troubling developments in left-wing tradition. The left relentlessly painting cops and white folks as inherently racist. The white lady within the episode is nearly cartoonish.

Ultimately, Delilah goes to Lori’s actual property workplace to attempt to discuss in regards to the incident. Lori tells Delilah, “You appear to be a pleasant lady. Very articulate and civilized. Particularly contemplating the form of folks you had been raised by. But when your aunt needs to apologize, she will be able to come do it herself.” Lori’s phrases are paying homage to Biden’s outdated comments about Obama being “the primary mainstream African-American who’s articulate and vivid and clear and a nice-looking man.”

After Lori’s impolite and dismissive perspective, Delilah posts the video of her attacking Vi on the web. Lori is horrified. Since her character is nasty and imply it appears like a satisfying comeuppance for this “Karen” to get canceled.

The query is why does Hollywood and the media need to encourage hatred and humiliation of middle-aged white ladies? Why are they so desirous to painting white ladies as hopeless racists? This fixed want for division is deeply disturbing and it’s unhappy to see one other community present cater to it.

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